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What We Do
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Senior & Mezzanine Financing
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Gap Lending
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Bridge Financing
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Other Unsecured/Secured Debt Financing
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About Us

Delivering to our shareholders uniquely uncorrelated, superior risk-adjusted returns

SSS Film Capital represents the financing & investment arm of Shaun Sanghani's film and TV production company, SSS Entertainment.

Established as part of a multimillion-dollar partnership with Red River Bank, the fund operates on an ongoing basis to invest in and support both in-house and, selectively, outside projects.
With a strong track record among some of the industry's most trusted distributors, producers, and co-financiers, the fund's activities primarily comprise senior and mezzanine financing, bridge financing, gap lending, and other unsecured/secured debt financing.

Above all, through an adherence to our core principles, we strive to provide consistent, reliably above-market returns to our shareholders.



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Shareholders First, Always

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